Blog: Great Things to Teach Eczema Babies & Kids

Building Self Esteem In Children – Why It Matters and How To Do It

As parents we all want our child to be happy and confident going to school and to be in the best possible state both physically and mentally for learning. We have looked before at ways to build your eczema child’s self confidence, but having recently attended a parenting course on Managing Self Esteem we decided to share what we learned in a brand new post. Read More

Explaining Eczema to Kids: Eczema book reviews by kids for kids

Books are a great way of starting a discussion about eczema with both kids who have it and those who don’t. But which one is right for the kids you want to talk to? While there isn’t a huge range of options, it’s difficult to know which book will engage your audience and which will languish on the bookshelf. The ScratchSleeves team have rounded up a team of junior reviewers, spent a small fortune on Amazon and put the most readily available eczema books to the test in our eczema book reviews… Read More

Top tips to help your eczema child deal with teasing

As children get older, they start to notice differences between themselves and begin to tease each other about those differences. And it’s not just kids who can be thoughtless – adults are guilty of it too. Although it is natural to stare, people will still point and make negative comments. Your eczema child has probably been the…

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Building Self-Confidence in Your Eczema Child

Eczema can affect a child’s self-confidence. This is especially true when children start to notice each other’s appearance. However, by making a conscious effort to build-self confidence in your eczema child, you can ensure that they are well prepared for the rigors of life. Read More