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Explaining Eczema to Kids: Eczema book reviews by kids for kids

Books are a great way of starting a discussion about eczema with both kids who have it and those who don’t. But which one is right for the kids you want to talk to? While there isn’t a huge range of options, it’s difficult to know which book will engage your audience and which will languish on the bookshelf. The ScratchSleeves team have rounded up a team of junior reviewers, spent a small fortune on Amazon and put the most readily available eczema books to the test in our eczema book reviews… Read More

Using hydrocortisone creams for childhood eczema: Are topical corticosteriods safe?

Looking at the conversations on parenting forums, it’s clear that many parents have concerns over using prescribed hydrocortisone cream and other topical corticosteroids (TCS) in managing their child’s eczema. In fact there is much anxiety around the use of TCS, that doctors have a term for it: ‘steroid phobia’. As result of this phobia, lots of children are under-treated resulting in longer flare ups and increased complications such as infections. So, to address this very real fear and combat under-treatment we have teamed up with Dr Sam Hunt, consultant dermatologist at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, to look at the research into the safety of these creams and how best to use them. Read More