Eczema friendly homemade face paint recipe from the ScratchSleeves blog


BA (Hons), PhD, ICAEW
Jae designed the first pair of ScratchSleeves for her itchy son back in 2008 and set up the business the following year. Coming from a family of eczema sufferers, Jae draws on years of practical, first hand experience living with eczema. Her scientific background impels her to root out the research (or lack of it) behind the myths and hype surrounding the management of eczema.

Chapped lips in kids


Preventing chapped lips in children


BA (Hons)
Tess has over 20 years of marketing experience working across both private and public sector and specialising in corporate branding. Her son Finn was born six weeks prematurely in 2010 and as a result she has personal experience of both Intensive Care and SCBU and a deep understanding of the trauma caused by watching your child suffering. Tess joined ScratchSleeves in 2016 and loves being able to help our little clients and other parents who are struggling.